May 22, 2008

LILI Z "The Two Of Us" CD

It's been awhile since the No Talents & the Splash 4 broke up and Lili Zellar released her first solo record. It wasn't like she didn't keep herself busy through those years though. Since then her and partner Jacques "Jack" Amsellem have commandeered the Polly Magoo and Royal record label's and the electrotrashdancepunk band Volt.
A half hour of teeth rattling distorted guitar, beats programmed to shake bones and Lili's voice spanning from a coquettish purr to a solicitous shriek that kitchen sink's from all the above mentioned past and throws other cups of blood into the blender.
The title track and "So This Is Love" are torch songs gone amiss in a electrical storm while others like "That Guy (Is A Real Dream)", "Why" and "Candeggina Burns" being bubblegum punk wiggling all about with nervous tension and "Scale of Sensations", "Count" and "Piece Of Meat" retroburned and modern wired. It all end's with a piano piece. Loads for both the dive bar arcadians and drunk basement party dancers to indulge their needs with here.

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