May 17, 2008


Pink Reason Kevin once described Trigger On The Dutendoo's Tim Triplett as a guy who's "searching the record crates of his mind for that long forgotten stoner jam that contains the heaviest groove in the universe." Since I don't know Mr. Double T. outside of some email correspondence if that is what he considers the untitled instrumental track that takes up the entire side of this one-sided 12inch but I'm guessing it's close to what he's on the look out for. Post-dope-prog as if the Lemmy incarnation of Hawkwind was just a trio of him, a guitar David Brock and Simon King (and though I doubt that these guys have a naked painted lady hanging around their jam session though but let's include Stacia for some visual diversion anyway) or something like if you were to say "Pink Floyd" to a Radiohead fan and they responded back with something glowing concerning the Syd era instead of engaging in a long and neandering conversation of the "Animals" album. Set a diving board up along the edge of a backyard pool sized bong and jump in. It's a cooling dip but just float along with it and let the brain wander.

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carson said...

there's some cool quote Lemmy made about her but i cant find it right now