May 15, 2008

Clipper City Heavy Seas/Small Craft Warning Über Pils

Didn't know anything about this Maryland brewery but the bravado it was putting out on it's label lured me into dropping a 10 dollar bill on a six pack and giving it a try. With most mainstream American beers being based off a pilsner profile the style get's a bum rap. None of them are even near the classic examples of the style such as Warstiener or such US perfects as Victory's Prima Pils (or in the "extreme beer" category Dofish Head's Golden Era) and those are my measuring stick now for all pilsners. This self-proclaims itself as an Über Pils because of it's double/imperial slant & 7 and a quarter percent abv.
Colorwise it's a bit more orange than any other pilsner I've seen. Looks more like malt liquor (first time mentioned) actually. The slight head vanished fast and a very thin lacing that leaves from the side of the glass seconds after each tip. It smells of fresh mowed lawn and sugary malt. It's a smell that takes me back to my younger years of buying malt liquor (there it is again) 40's because they were more bang for the buck. The thing is though that while there is one day every summer where I go and visit my old friend Mickey Big Mouth I wasn't planning on today being that day. Maybe it's because of the higher alcohol content but the taste reminds me of malt liquor (3rd reference now) too more than it does of a proper pilsner. Metallic and too sweet like a corn syrup quality. It tastes like everything was overcooked turning the entire presentation into a flavor lacking mush. There is a bit of a hop flavor in the finish but the beer lacks complexities and particular characters to get excited about it. Don't get me wrong though. I've been out underneath the sun most of the day tending to the garden, flowers and weeds and this did quell my thirst so the rest of the 6 pack will eventually get drank (a friend of mine says he might stop over and hang out for bit after he get's out of work so I'll pass a couple off on him) but I don't see myself picking this up again in the future.


sanilac brew head said...

I tried this today (we were downtown for the Rennisance Roam-The art studio said it was decorated as an Irish pub. The "designer" of it needs to realize that it takes more than a couple of Guiness banners and some shamrocks to equate such a thing.) and was thinking the same thing. The label talked a big game but the lquid inside was not all that.
Have you tried the pilsner at Quay Street Brewery? Their beers are not all that stellar either but it better this stuff.

Dale said...

Y'know, I'm not a big cheerleader of the QSB stuff but I retried their pilsner a week or so ago and it seemed better than the first batch.

They've got a Maibock that I've heard is actually pretty decent. I'll be dj'ing there next week and gonna give it a try.

Missed "the Roam" this year. Busy with the family doing something else.

carson said...

I tried one of these a couple of weeks ago. Didn't like it