May 23, 2008

the CHIMIKS "Cool In Down" 7inch

Vince of the Fatals new rock-n-roll combo. The concussion inducing tempo's him & his former associates specialized in is turned back a notch and the ear-drum ruining volume turned down just a little bit he hasn't turned into a sensitive singer/songwriter or anything like that. There ain't no denying that this is rock-n-roll.
"Cool In Down" is like those big balls of mud the Neccessary Evils would lob at heads as well as a tandem heavy panting to Stooges and Oblivians records while soaking in a warm bath of feedback. "She Sleeps Tonight" fools ya into thinking it's just gonna be a straight faced bit of Back From The Grave digging for it's first 10 seconds or so but all of a sudden it fly's over a cliff exploding with a fire bright spectacle of all noisemakers a-blazin'.

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