May 2, 2008

BRIMSTONE HOWL "Tunnel Of Love" 7inch

Take some of the heavily influenced by amphetamines and R-n-B teenage rock-n-roll of the sixties, throw it in the backyard of some drunk on two bottles of homemade strawberry wine Gun Club fans, make them dance some bonified first & second wave strangeness and it might hit on the type of thing the Brimstone Howl are shooting for on these two songs.
Antsy in it's execution "Tunnel Of Love" starts off sounding like "Friday On My Mind" if the Fall covered it in '80 but giving off a slightly off key and strong southern gothic odor of desperation & swamp beat. It's all held together by a Brian Jones snakewalk guitar thread.
Things hit a little more trad of the recorded in a basement hit with black mold garage rock of "Crying Hard (Child of Perdition)". It's still quite lopsided and crooked though. Lots more dingy than flash. Way more loose than studied. Both pluses in this book.


Carlo(ad)s said...

The songs on their myspace sound like the Mooney Suzuki if they didn't blow.

carson said...

which ones doing the sucking

carlo(ad)s said...

Von Bondies?