May 8, 2008

Arbor Brewing Espresso Love Breakfast Stout

A medium pour produced a khaki colored head that looked thick but faded pretty fastly and left a minimal amout of lacing. Since it as a coffee beer it's an expected very dark brown but not quite black color. Coffee (though not a very roasted one-more like instant stuff really) in the smell along with a odd bittersweet scent that I can't quite pin and somewhat oily too. The better half said it smelled like someone tried to come up with a new coffee combination, found that vodka and espresso didn't quite gel the way they thought it would then left it in the cup it was mixed in to sit around for a couple of days. She's not a big fan of darker brews in the first place but will usually try a sip none the less. She passed on sampling this off scent alone.
The taste wasn't much better. I really was almost like someone tried to mix vodka with some espresso, didn't like the way it came out and left it on the table sitting for a couple of days. The vodka they used was one of those "fruit infused" ones too I'm guessing. There's a very weird sourness going on here that just doesn't work especially with the coffee thing going on. The aftertaste was all about (unappealing) bitterness with very little coffee or stoutness lingering around.
As I peruse some cooking recipes for dinner ideas for upcoming week I spot a use here and there where beer as one of the ingredients. That's good because I have 4 more in the fridge and have to use them for something because I can't imagine sitting down and enjoying another one for drinking.


fill it up said...

Any coffee beer is a gamble but it's nice to see someone sum of this beer for what it really tastes like because they are subpar. too many ann arborites treat it like like manna though none of their beers are just average.

carson said...

Ann Arbor hippies!

sanilac brew head said...

I've had Arbor Brewing company from the tap at their brewhouse and it was good. Haven't tried this one though because I'm not a big fan of coffee beers.