Apr 25, 2008

PINK REASON "Borrowed Time" 7inch

Wouldn't you know it. The weather has been pretty damn awesome for an early spring and then along comes reality again to remind us that not every day can be sunshiny and pleasant. Summer squalls do bring something interesting to the usual hazy and slow moving days though. There are those that can't resist watching funnel clouds form. "Borrow Time" is for when the hail starts dropping. It doesn't say anywhere on the record what rpm's to play this at I'm guessing 45 is the proper speed to play this because it sounds more proper in it's discordance. This is the closest thing to a garage rock influenced riff at punk rock tempo Pink Reason has released on record but still all icy guitar grind and bleak air. It comes in and batters hard the leaves just as quickly. At 33 it sounds something like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry but with a totally luded out Peter Murphy on vocals. Kevin can do that low shit but it sounds too low. Who know's though. I could be playing it at the wrong speed.
"Scared Shitless" is a filling the room with fog JAMC/Cramps scuzz and the voice of the most disturbed Saturday afternoon horror movie host ever doing some singing. At 33 it's still sounds like Red Lorry/Yellow Lorry though.

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