Apr 10, 2008

the OSTRICH "Medication" 7inch EP

Back in Lou Reed's wannabe Brill Building days he wrote and recorded a song aimed for the dancefloors called "The Ostrich". Then a few years later ol' Creepy uncle Lou then had that album credit of Ostrich guitar going on too. There's also a saying that has been credited to a hundred different people along the lines that "The Velvet Underground didn't sell a lot of records but everyone that bought one started a band." No matter who actually said it-hardly any truer words have been spoken. As the years have gone on a billion bands that were influenced by the Velvets may have not sold many records but have inspired who knows how many others to follow chase the same kind of monochromic shadows and figures of bright lights.
Is this band from Calgary, Alberta aware of such early and obscure VU references their name would possibly bring up when someone who uses too many words hear's the record? Dunno. Has this band listened to it's share of the Velvet Underground? Probably, what band worth at least giving a shot hasn't? Is it likely though that much more of the Ostrich's influence came from bands that grabbed something from the Velvet tackle box and ran in different directions with it. Tom Verlaine & Richard Lloyd novella's condense down two three minutes, John Foxx era Ultravox avant primate electronic dance grooves, Mark E. Smithism abounds, weird for the weird of it Pere Ubu bits, spidery flanged whirls and whines as if later generations of Bauhaus fans didn't trade it all in for a bunch of stupid keyboards and an effects rack and instead spent their free time listening to the Modern Lovers & Killing Joke (before they bought too many stupid keyboards and effects racks, of course) and thick and stuffy steam rising from an icy landscape because demon's are stoking fires beneath it. More than just something like an Interpol died black hair pouting on the dancefloor fest though-the Ostrich have found their own dodge-n-sway form of the sound where they can now snatch it and go in their own direction too.

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