Apr 26, 2008

the MOME RATHS "Vaporized My Brain"

Supercharger influenced boy/girl garage punk. A little faster and way cleaner in the production department than them though. More family friendly than the average Supercharger song in the lyric department too. Not as much stabbing, killing and hating going on. They'd be a cool pathway band for to turn tweens on to. ANYTHING to stamp out the Jonas Brothers already! Songs about junk food, television, monsters and bowling. They could use an editor with their next release though. Just because a band has a lot of songs doesn't mean they have to put them all on one CD. There's 17 tracks on this. It starts to wear a little thin after awhile. Pare it down to 10 or 12 next time okay? Quality not quantity.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Thanks for the review man! Working on a new project and this time not as many songs. Take it easy