Apr 3, 2008

CHEAP TIME "Handyman" 7inch

Though I thought previous projects that Jeff Novak's been involved with were okay none of them really clicked 100% with me. 'Til now! Take a mixtape of the speedier and sloppier tunes from the Rolling Stones Some Girls and Emotional Rescue (y'know like "Respectable", "When The Whip Comes Down", "Summer Romance" and "Where The Boys All Go"), play it through a console stereo where the tubes still glow bright and hot but the speakers worn and ripped (possibly from blasting those same records when they originally came out decades ago) and have King Louie Bankston come over cuz the 'rents are out of town and they needed someone to provide adult supervision. Of course a party is gonna get thrown and stuff is gonna get broke.
Blaring & disheveled rock-n-roll all pissed off but a ton of swagger.

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Anonymous said...

Cheap Time are playing the Painted Lady in Hamtramck on April 15th.