Apr 1, 2008

BOYS CLUB "2-D World" 7inch EP

Fronted by Terminal Boredom's most favorite whipping boy and brazen Oblivians hater the artist formerly known as Young Steve (aka Mid-Twenties Steve) the Boys Club do the Ramonesy/Buzzcocksian powerpop/punk thing that could easily be dismissed as the, well, Ramonesy/Buzzcocksian powerpop/punk thing from just a casual one time listening. You know what I'm talking about-doing a needle drop and hearing a catchy three chord riff that launched a million kids in Converse high-tops off into basements, family rooms and garages to start up bands off their own. The difference here though is that where a lot of other band's around today doing that type of stuff seem to have one eye on getting one some type of Warp tour package (even if they have to pay for the "honor") and the other on mocking Hot Topic culture (though that's where they bought the cool punk t-shirts and wallet chains they are sporting) the Boys Club seem to simply be wishing that if Rip Off Records were still around putting out good records they'd be the label's hottest new signing. They know their geeks and being in a rock band probably wont help them score chicks but there is always a rare chance. With a simple live and loud production that actually sounds like it was recorded in a garage making it free of glossy blandness and some actual hooks Boys Club are a fresh pie loaded with all the best toppings made at the 3rd generation family owned pizzeria downtown in a world of sitting under a heatlamp for who knows how long $5 specials found out by the stripmalls.

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