Apr 15, 2008

the BOLD ONES "Open Your Mouth" 7inch EP

A band with Aron of the Baseball Furies AND Courtney of the Tears in the line up? How could something as such NOT be a total rock-n-roll record with some charming quirks?
So imagine the suprise when this record started and it was mechanical, uptight and bloodless math rock!
Just kidding.
Drumsticks click a count off then everything comes flying out of the gate in a "is this some kinda Chuck Berry worship by a bunch of speed freaks" golden era mid 90's garage punk crash & burn "I'll probably die before I get old" way. "Open Your Mouth" lights a quick burning punk rock fuse of this powder keg. Blowin' the speakers sky high with blasty in a switchblade guitar slashes, a Problematics like knack for a shouty melody and summer time drunk on the beach feeling that hit especially hard when the sing along backing vocals kick in. It's followed by "Get Away" which is more of the same type of distorto rockin' bliss 'topped with Miss Court's non filtered menthol-n-honey scream and wail. The flip is more of the same type of wild and fun mess too that just doesn't let up til the needle hits the run off groove. Fuck weird punk!!!! This is total rock-n-roll!!!!

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