Apr 29, 2008

the BARBARAS "Summertime Road"

"Summertime Road" could very well be the one of the best teenaged inept coppings and combination of the Beach Boys, soul sides oldies radio forgot 40 years ago and full on guitar blur ala the Creation. A couple of former Boston Chinks aka the guys in Jay Reatard's band know how to write catchy songs that would, in a world where people actually had taste, fit perfect not only at a teen dance but also any knife fight that may go down in the parking lot. That is, I think they could but with a mix that sounds like a single mic placed in the back of the high school gymnasium you have to listen closely through the bouncing all over the cinderblock walls echo to hear how damn infectious the songs are. It's not the easiest thing to do but worth it.


Enzo said...

very cool track..one of my faves..

carson said...

this record sounds like shit! what IS up with that? the clips in that tv show jay reatard did sounded much better.