May 28, 2008

Arcadia HopMouth

Battle Creek based beer makers Arcadia seems to ride the middle of the road when it comes to Michigan's craft brewers. Either they make something that's a knock out or needs to go back to the drawing board.
Amber with a caramel tinge and somewhat cloudy in color. Small head but a ton of thick lacing on the glass. The floral hop scents with bright grapefruit and slight green apple notes jump right out of the glass-ya can smell it wafting through the air even before up to the nose to get a whiff.
Damn great balance in the taste. Huge citrus kisses upfront, a slight peppery bite and a sweet & toasty malt base. The carbonation is spot on. Not fizzy but bubbly none the less. It compliments the ingredients just right. The mouthfeel is a bit buttery & creamy but not as thick as some of the other double IPA's out there. The finish is all about a hop warmth and a vanilla like sweetness but you'd never guess that this has a 8% abv because the beer's big and crisp flavors cover it up.


sanilac brew head said...

I might have to try this soon

wheat said...

Arcadia sucks

Dale said...

Not all of Arcadia's stuff is amazing but saying they suck is a bit extreme. They make some good stuff.

If ya dig the big hop beers you'll dig it. You should try Avery's Maharaja first though (I gotta get my notes together but review coming soon)