Mar 20, 2008

the YOLKS "Wandering" 7inch EP

Last summer the Yolks served some of the damn catchiest Beatles hanging out in the basement of Stiff Records since, well, when someone like Nick Lowe was doing it in Stiff Records basement. The big dif though is that while most trying to emulate the mid period Beatles thing get all heavy handed with recording techniques-the Yolks have a sound that's like just a few mic's set up in sweet spots, push play on the tape deck, give a four count then go.
Burstin' alive with power-pop zest opener "Wandering" blaaangs out like a chirpier Wreckless Eric raised on cheeseburgers & Cokes instead of tea & crumpets or whatever with the idea of being well-read meaning Marvel comics and Hot Rod magazines from the 70's. "Don't Blame Me" does that thing that the Velvets stumbled on with "There She Goes Again". Here the "Hitch-Hike" riff is tossed aside but ante's are evened with upping of the pace, stuff being painted with bright colors instead of dealing in mostly monochromes, a couple of drunk yobs doing some backup shouting and dash or two of the shambling Postcard sound. "Mob City Hustle" is an energentic organ drenched mod-R-n-B instrumental workout that fills the record's second side.
If you can't dance to this-you can't dance to anything good.

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