Mar 19, 2008

the PUMPERS "Don't Have To Go" 7inch EP

With a couple of Wax Museums cats in the band and nodding the gods of their Denton, Texas home, the Marked Men, for inspiration-the Pumpers make quite a commotion. Unlike the Marked Men, who could floor the listener with laser pointed accuracy, these guys lob beer bottles as a warning shot then flail away at the ears with rusty steak knives and whatever else that is within grabbing reach. Three songs of balled up fireball rock-n-roll fury that, especially on the tune "On The Record", sounds like the Catholic Boys finally having their minds snap for real. Protect your head because ya might end up with a concussion if you're not careful and it doesn't sound like these guys are careful at all.

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carlo(ad)s said...

Werent the Fireworks from Denton? How come no one ever cites them as an influence?