Mar 25, 2008

the POPPETS "Pre-Party" 7inch EP

All those out there trying to cop that Ramones thing (and I know you still exist cause a different band you types roll through these parts every 6 weeks or so) get away from concentrating it all what you think is an awesome loud guitar tone and the beat that becomes redundant because it's the only one used in your set. You realize it's okay to fire you the drummer if you know of one better, right? Stop trying to work some kind of fucking political message into some of your songs too-what the fuck is that about??? Does "Bonzo Goes To Bitburg" stick that much more in your mind than something like "I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement"??? Seriously, come on...doing it that way means you have to start to use words with more than 4 syllables. Then what? Using more than four chords. All you need is three (or if you're truly clever-two). You're doing it allll wrong!!! THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!!!
Chewing a big wad of grape flavored bubblegum on the beach and haven't yet learned that ya should close yr mouth when the wind whips of the wind sugary crunchiness and the old Tascam four track crackle that would make Supercharger proud. The best use of "Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!" type of simple sing-a-longs since that Sneaky Pinks the Poppets take it to a part of town where a majority of the street lights are smashed-n-broken. Those are always the of places that have the types of people who truly know how to have the best of dumb fun times. The Poppets have been handed the keys to those streets.

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