Mar 13, 2008

METH TEETH "Bus Rides" 7inch EP

Side one's "Bus Rides" and "Unemployment Forever" are a foot stomping pummel beats of tamborine, bass drum & floor tom, heavy medicated downstroked guitar drone & twinkle while disenchanted with the planet vox borrow melody lines from a campfire song or two.
The flip's first track, "To My Good Friends", pulls the sounds of Syd Barrett brain dabasement and early Pavement slacker damage out of sickly sweet smelling smoke thick air and does a wake-n-bake to fend off a pounding headache.
"Boring Artifacts" could very well be an out-take from country-n-western recording Mark E. Smith laid down in a 2 hour session. The drinking water was contaiminated that day but no one bothered to tell the band. With a former Phantom Limbs in this combo you can easily tape a "Hello, My Name Is: Weird Punk" sign on them (Hell, maybe a "Papa Of" subtitle too) but the sound coming out of the speakers is more like "Weird(er) Psych".

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