Mar 6, 2008

the MENTHOLS "848" 7inch

I gotta confess something. I had a demo of these guys landed on me about a year ago. In March of 2007 the band I was in played a gig in Hamtramck. One of the other bands on the bill was Tom "Smoke" Potter debuting his Chrome Spiders. After many late night years whoopin' it up in Detroit he moved back to the other side of the state (he's originally over from that way). Wonders and rumors about what he was up to then his hard rockin' combo came and rocked the place out. Later at a party over at Timmy Vulgar's place (yeah, and since I'm dropping names Kid Rock's guitar player and a guy that used to be in Mule were there hanging out too) Tom mentioned how one of the dudes in his band had this pretty cool band that I might wanna check out. The CD-R ended up first in my jacket pocket then later in my guitar case. From there it got added to a stack of things that I intended listening to. It was piling up in a corner by the kitchen CD player for a couple of months until my wife got sick of looking at them and had the kids move them to "the basement corner" aka "The Lair of Rock!". The problem is that in the Lair of Rock-CD's tend to get negleted because there so much of the superior vinyl format around that those little digi-disc's become orphans.
I'm feeling like a dick for not ever listening to it now cuz their first single on UFO Dictator has been on of my favorite records of the year so far and this one came in the mail just today and has already been spun 8 times.
"848" is a beach party being crashed by the Stooges but Iggy doesn't feeling like singing cuz he out dancing by clambake pit with all the girls so a couple of drunk wrestlers pass the mic between each other. "Hey Hey Hey" is the same party a few hours later where the wimps have all went home and everyone is left is yelling at the band to play either a Cosmic Psychos or Go-Go's song. They can't nail down one or the other down so they just wing it going for both at the same time.


Tim Zircon said...

Smoke Potter. I get it. Too bad his last name isn't snow. The nicknames would hit closer to home.

Ben Blackwell said...

'The Snowballer'?

Dale said...

Smoke snow?

The "Smoke" tag is at least a decade old now. It was originally used in Scary Fire (the zine Joe Dirty and I did many years ago) many years ago. There was a dude in town, who after reading it, made it a mission to "Smoke down some crippler with Tom". He seemed disappointed when he found out T. Jackson wasn't all about the kind.