Mar 27, 2008

MANIKIN "M Theory" 7inch EP

Who else here remembers when gloom mongering post-punk/pre-goth band's rocked? Sure, it was never in a way of a Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones or Motorhead raise your whiskey glass over your head and yell "Wooo!" type of rockin' but there were sure a lot of moments where one could put on a Bauhaus or Joy Division record, turn it up a bit, think "Man, this is some heavy shit" and let the creepy murk of noises wash over them. Sure, for full effect, listening to it on headphones was required but also can be said about Black Sabbath (who don't get name-checked much when talking about the whole post-punk/pre-goth sound but influenced it, subconsciously if not consciously, than ever credited). Then it turned into a bunch of wussy high school boys hanging around in cemetery's listening to stuff that, well-just did not rock in anyway shape or form with the more than husky fag hag that drove them there. The wussy boys never, ever had a car because either their mom wouldn't let them get one yet, they were afraid to drive or couldn't afford a car because they were saving up for "a trip to Europe to check out all the Gothic architecture" (though when asked what particular cities they hand in mind they could never name one) or "a pair of hip length black leather lace up boots from Lip Service. Whichever comes first."
It's seems that the last couple of years though with bands like Pink Reason, Nothing People and the Blank Dogs that maybe such a cerebral type of rocking is coming full circle. Like those bands-Manikin don't necessarily sound like, say, Joy Division in a way digitally enhanced carbon copies such as Interpol do but do have that dark noisiness and aren't afraid to let stringed instruments grind, howl and rumble as well is having it sound like some suicidal man breaking glass in a barren desert of ice. "Mirror" has a feeling of planning a murder to take place in some brick lined tunnel while listening to Mission Of Burma. All antsy but focused on it evil deed. "Death March" has a thick low end and flanged out Gang Of Four guitar going all over the place, nerdy vocals and some ROCKIN' (see I told ya the word would come up again) string bending toward the end of the song. Ending the record is "Radar" the most straight up "punk rocker" thing on the record but think more of those early WIRE demo's that are floating around on the web & if they were from Texas and used a 4th and even sometimes a 5th chord.

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