Mar 14, 2008

LES DEUX LARMES "One Black Glove" 7inch

Translated to English the name means the Two Tears. I was thinking "Hmmm, didn't I read somewhere that Kerry of the Red Aunts has a band these days called the Two Tears?"
"One Black Glove" is a trashy sorta White Stripes (All your "too cools" can calm down-they've got hooks all y'all would kill for and you know it) like riff topped off with an angry bug guitar buzz and dangerously steamy vocal chants and come-hithers while "Oooo, I'm Blue" takes a 50's teen tragedy song structure and pushes it down a steep hill of broken glass. Looking around the web for a link to provide and what do you know-this is Kerry's new band. A french label and the accompaniment being provided by a couple of frogs warrants a french interpretation of the name. What a tricky vixen.

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