Mar 8, 2008

Lagunitas IPA

"Made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts"
That's what it says over at the Lagunitas website. The gist was understood but reading deeper just made it more perplexing. Sometime talking about beer just get's too scientifical, doesn't it? Even reading the label of this bottle is a short article on about what you're about to drink. None the less-I must wax a little bit about what it's like to drink.
Golden orange in color with a thin head that dimished fast leaving just a few slight flits of lacing. Cascade hops right up front in the smell (One down 42 to go? Nah. Maybe some other time. RIght now-it's savouring time) along with mellow malt, a bit of bread and a peach scent. The malts seem to takeover in the aroma with a swish or two but all in all none of them dominate the proceedings.
The label says the brew is homicidally hoppy so I prepare myself but you know what-maybe it's because I had my yearly fling with Bell's Hop Slam a few weeks back ago and it's beautiful yet brusing pungent charms are still fresh in my mind but this doesn't seem all that over the top but then again Hops Slam is a pinnacle not many others can reach so it's unfair to compare any IPA to it. This is pretty much right alone the line a Dogfish Head 60 Minute which, to me, is the perfect go to IPA. This has a little bit more of a toast and honey flavor than a 60's grapefruit sting and a bit more of a grassy aftertaste. Medium bodied and interesting in it's subtle complexities. Though it doesn't change my top 5 favorite IPA's of all time around numbers 6 and below might wanna get ready to move from where they are sitting. For those out there that like a little bit of a hop tang in your beer but get turned off when they glare too brightly this could very well be the one you are looking for.

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