Apr 17, 2008


When the Leg Hounds announced they were no more it bummed a lot of people in this town out. They weren't from here but they were from a town just like here. The only real difference was that they faced a great lake in the same direction but they were standing on Wisconsin land and looking at Lake Michigan while us over here looked out over Lake Huron. Sheboygan is pretty much the same size as Port Huron and on the Leg Hounds first visit here they were joking how the towns were even set up the same way in neighborhoods and sections so the drive from one side of town to the other and back just to take a look around "and we didn't even get lost."
"Not at all?"
"Nope. It's like both town's are set even laid out the same way." During the conversation the similarities were uncanny. The neighborhoods, the shopping centers, the city beach, nice parts of town & the sketchy ones too.
"No dual bridge spans connecting international borders though."
"That was about the only difference."
That evening they proceeded to rocked the crowd with showmanship, tight as fuck playing and catchy damn songs. Flash and motor oil. Something all agleam, shining like chrome and tight yet brazen and loud. A full on rock-n-roll sound from small town noisemakers that appealed to everyone from old bikers, greaser punks, the trying hard to be hipsters and and emo-pop brats. Kindred spirits from a sister city who returned to rock our rinky dink hamlet many times afterwards.
The Jetty Boys are the LegHounds minus one. Drummer/co-lead singer Shaun retired to a quieter life so his backbeat and voice are aren't to be found here but the boys found a just right replacement with Jon and his tub thumping. Eric still plays like a physically fit Dee Dee Ramone with 10 very dexterous fingers on both hands and stomping the floor with his Chuck Taylor attired feet while Drew ups the ante on his Gene Vincent style played at (young) Eddie Van Halen speed guitar picking. The band doesn't shake off the Devil Dogs comparisons their previous incarnation had completely but their ain't nothing wrong that. Throw in some Cheap Trick melody, the best use of Woo's in the entire entertainment industry since Rick Flair patented them years ago (and that's even with taking Tom Potter into consideration for such an honor too), cheap beer, chewing gum and a couple of pots of coffee and you have one of the best and most consistent Power Fucking Pop album to hit the deck in quite a bit.

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