Mar 4, 2008

Founders Old Curmudgeon Ale

The brewhead readers of this thing have probably noticed that I've made mentions to the greatness that is Founders beer making but have never gotten around discussing their beers. A big reason for this is because, though I have written about them in a local minded print publication in times past before I started posting them here, they've been rarely spotted 'round this area for some reason. My favorite beer store in town made it a mission for me to right this wrong and though the distributor couldn't completely fill complete order Old Curmudgeon was one of the one's that found it's way to this port-which was cool with me as it's one of the brews that these fine craftsmen over in Grand Rapids whip up that I haven't tried before.
A very radiant dark amber color shines through an unfiltered cloudiness. A very, very minimal head that goes away almost as soon it's pour and lacing that slips down off the glass back to the edges of the beer with each sip. A scent's something akin to oak barrel aged bourbon is right up front then followed up a bit of vanilla, caramel, sweet malts and a general earthiness.

First taste already says this is a winner! The thick and creamy (but not too heavy) of a fullness fills the mouth, a bourbon sweetness tickles every corner but not to the extent of a whiskey sting because the malts subdue into an almost caramelized and soothing throat coat. The back of the throat gets a painted with a molasses, hazelnut and honey coat that makes some clear their throat between sips but each sip til the glass is done is a seductive and warm flirt of a 9.5 percent and 50 IBU's. If you're looking for a brew that makes ya feel all warm and jovial before the better weather months get here (which, hopefully, aren't too far away)-keep an eye out for this one.

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