Mar 21, 2008

Founders Dry Hopped Pale Ale

This was my pale ale (or of the APA persausion at least) for quite a bit. Then I couldn't find it around my area for quite a long while. I've did my "Why can't I find that many Michigan beers in Michigan town" rant here in the past so I'll spare you from it again and besides, it's available 'round here again so there's no reason to bitch.
No regular bottle opener was readily available to get the cap off so using the back end of a Bic lighter brings a loud almost champagne like bang when the top is popped. Actually, there was a bottle opener around but the first time I had one of these there wasn't one, used the trusty lighter and that sound they made has stuck with me since then so I couldn't resist in hearing again.
Quite orange and hazy in color. Medium pour brings out an around half inch head and a decent amount of lacing on the glass. The scent is a little grassy, some apple, a bit of a spices, something that I'm thinking is clover and big (but in no way overstated) floral hop aroma.
The citrusy hops are right up front in the flavor but aren't screamingly dominate due to them being dry hopped. Very good (and dry) taste none the less on first sip especially with the good balance of malt, a orange like tinge and some bitters nuances that show up in the mouth. A clean and refreshing feeling all around in the mouth and the hop flavor lingers a bit in the back in the throat but not as crazy as some of the other superhopped and over 5 % abv (this is clocking in at around 6.2). A very good and quite drinkable beer here. I'm thinking about buying up the stock of this at the store just in case it becomes a rarity around this area again because this is easily one of my main pale ale choices (if I could find it regularly that is).

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