Mar 28, 2008

BLANK ITS "Stop No Wait" 7inch EP

When the Blank Its released their first single it was one of those one's that just appeared out of thin air and then ya couldn't get enough of it. At the time certain sounds seemed to be on the wane and not much new was ALL THAT exciting. It crashed down loud like a rickety spaceship entering our atmosphere and crashing in your neighborhood. Sounded like it too. Pulsing in fluorescents, the sound electrical charges & metallic fire and green space zombies listening to the zaps of their laser guns. Then their album seemed like one big stumble. What once sounded like a trio of J.G Ballard and Mad magazine fans from a few decades ago with the idea of what future rock would sound like-all oscillating, gyrating, thick and dizzying-seemed rushed & bored. A week of trying to get into it-the record kept drifting back farther in the stack.
After landing this on my record player it's has led me into rediscovering the band. The album...ehhh BUT that first single! And this is exactly along those lines. Spacesurfing in the middle of a meteor thundershower is the scene set for the a-side's "Stop No Wait." "Stretch Stretch Pull" and "Mind Warp" are the Urinals smackdab in the middle of an K-Tel hits collection. They seemed to have gotten their mojo's or moonrock's working again because things that made this band so strange, catchy and anomalous are the all loud, blasty and bright sparks they are throwing here!

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