Mar 26, 2008

BEAT BEAT "Taco Show" 7inch EP

Not to be confused with the Georgia band with the cool haircuts of a similar name-this Austrian (not to be confused with Australian) duo make quite a no frills so turn it up as loud as it'll go rock-n-roll commotion.
"Taco Show" is full of unwashed guitar buzz anchored by a neck snapping beat while a raw throat shouts adulation for one of the things that is imperative to any trash rockers diet-tacos. The greasy and unhealthy the better-so these two pull off the lettuce, tomatoes and whatever other intruding vegetables that might be on them, throw them on the ground (Who needs to use a trash can bin anyway? All they do is cause more work for the rats that come out at night just looking for a meal...after all, rat's gotta eat too, right?) then go stand up the grease dumpster to gobble them down while the following tune, "Washing Machine", in all it's Brides/Teengenerate ill-mannerism has gotta be the muddiest dirt blast around about getting something clean around.
"Get Out Of My Life" and "Lock The Door" share the b-side and are of the same rock-n-roll scuzz the other two songs sounding like some of the high points of the long gone Crypt and SFTRI era with a mashing of the Spaceshits more 50's-ish smash-up's and the going off the rails engine block explosion of a lost Dirtys track.

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