Feb 4, 2008


Named after what is believed to be Shakespeare's earliest tragedy (as well as one of his bloodiest...and yes, I didn't have to look it up. See, I've retained some things from my academic years) and a song after it as well works up thoughts of a prog rock epic. Well, there are some flutes on this record but they blend right into the slanted to one side city where slacker giants like Pavement's earliest tape machine documents, an obscure scruffy punk shambling of 1978 (maybe one with a bit of that MOD nervousness of the Jam) learn to live in a place that instead of snow or rain-grease falls from the sky. Walking is difficult. You either slip all about or always getting your shoes stuck until ya lean to walk in a certain lumber. Wait it out til they get the streets cleaned up. They use sugar instead of salt to melt it away.

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