Feb 29, 2008


In the wide and wiggly world of outsider rock there's such characters as the slightly strange and the possibly clinically deranged. There's also types such as the weekend insane. The types that are like "Wow! That's pretty weird but I can out-weird it!"
Television Ghost don't seem to have any of those latter types in their little gang. They aren't TRYING to out-weird anyone. It's a post-everything save for apocalyptic world and this band is simply preparing itself for when the looting starts and the locusts arrive.
Captured and documented by Matt of Psychedelic Horseshit in a glorious monster-fi, Television Ghost exorcize the demon's from the Birthday Party's "Prayers On Fire", drive over to a haunted house that the Country Teasers left in all kinds of disorder to rouse up any disturbed mutations that might be lingering around take all of them down to a river that catches on fire at least a couple times a year. If they refuse to swim, the band pushes them in and hold their head's underwater til they stop moving or their battered souls scream with enough blood curdling volume to shake the planet-whichever comes first-though it's fair to guess that the band prefers the second. After all, what good are lifeless carcasses when you can hotwire fried minds into carrying out an assignment of making fever dreams come to life before your very ears and eyes?
Put the needle on the record and the first thing that happens is that you are pulled in a vortex that is violently moving backwards. It throws you into a fiery pit of reverb, knocks you about with spooky vibrations, crushes and flattens the bones with some steamroller tempo's then hangs you on a meathook over a muddy hole of hungry rats only to spit you back out all. The only way the escape the torturous hallucinations of the aftermath is to jump back in where the entire process repeats itself again and again.


carson said...

What's up with all the references to locusts recently?

Dale said...

Just getting my clothes together for the end of the world.