Feb 26, 2008

Stoudt's Winter Ale

Well, the Pennsylvania groundhog DID see his shadow a few weeks back which, of course, meant 6 more weeks of winter weather. Based on that there's about 3 weeks left of. I still haven't decided yet though that it's irony or intentional that the next Winter Warmer I would try would be courtesy of Stoudt's brewery located in Pa (Adamstown, wherever the hell that is, to be exact).
Cloudy and cola in color. A good amount of bubbles sticking to the side of the glass when first poured. Thin head that fades pretty quickly though a stringy lacing sticks through the entire glass. A chocolate & roasted malts are the first things that come up in the smell and a slight hop whiff. Nice balance, nothing overstated. Pleasing with the looks and scent.
A medium bodied porter slant in the up front taste. A cashew like taste sticks around beneath the tongue. Finishes with a slightly bitter cocoa taste meshing in with a caramel creaminess. I think this will be my closing winter warmer for this season (I'm hoping so at least. Nothing against the beer at all cuz it's damn good. It's more about being tired of the season itself...it always is.)

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