Feb 22, 2008

PIERCED ARROWS "In My Brain" 7inch

What does one do when they've been playing rock-n-roll for over 40 years and their last band, after a 20 year run, call it quits. I'm sure a majority of people at such a point in their lives would, at the least, hang up the ol' guitar, prop their well broken in boots up on the table and take a nap or at the most think "Maybe I can get a once a month gig playing acoustic down at the fish fry playing songs everyone knows and loves."
Fred and Toody Cole aren't most rock-n-rollers (of any age) though. Within 6 months of the final Dead Moon show ever they were back with a new drummer (a dude who's pop jammed with Fred back in the '70's), new songs and a new name-the Pierced Arrows. Other than that nothing much has changed soundwise and fans would have it no other way. Battered yet always stouthearted mess of jangle and drone and Fred's freak shriek that a million Roky wannabee's wish they could even come close to touching. "In My Brain" is a scary place to be. A blast of a mudlike substance that sets fire to the hairs on the back of the neck then ignite the brain. Toody does a good deal of the singing on "Caroline" and it end's up sounding like a more groovier, brooding and frightening take from something off X's Los Angeles album (though I imagine Fred and Toody were making up songs like this hanging out in their living room a few moons before John and Exene even heard of Rimbaud and Gene Vincent).
Anyone with manners have been taught to respect their elders but even those without such common sense breeding should learn that the Pierced Arrows deservedly command it.


Carson said...

Am I the only one to say that Dead Moon sucked?

Shirt Is Dirty said...

If you don't like the Cole family you don't like rock & roll.