Feb 21, 2008

MISS CHAIN & the BROKEN HEELS "Common Shell" 7inch EP

When Long Gone John annouced that Sympathy Records would be no longer I know it wasn't just me and a small group of friends who joked "Oh no. Where are all the girls rock-n-roll bands gonna find someone to put out their records?"
The thing is though was that Sympathy was GOOD at putting out such records. Full color sleeve art and all that. Some of those records were damn great but the problem ended up being though that for every one Muffs there were 15 Tuuli's.
If Sympathy was still around and put this record out I would put it in the former category. Four songs in a ragtag 60's girl group style done in a late 70's new wave meets Americana mode. Recorded in a brash and scuffy full on tube powered warmth. Sorta like if the Shivvers spent a week of dilated pupiled late night studio sessions with Nick Lowe and David Edmunds (back when they did such things, that is). There's a bash & twang and a WHOLE bunch of teenage yearn in Miss Chain's voice.
The wells of garage rock have started running real low for at least the past couple of years (and in the land of Euro-garage it's never been all that plentiful for a lot longer than that) but judging from the songs here-Miss Chain and the Broken Heels have buckets of something crisp and refreshing. Full color sleeve too.

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