Feb 1, 2008

the MENTHOLS "The Miracle Slip" 7inch

Here I am sitting around the house on a Friday night wondering what the hell to do. I'm guessing there's a house party somewhere but I haven't bothered to check my phone messages or email to find out. Why? Well, one reason is because I'm in the sick of winter mood. I try to keep a positive outlook through most of it but by the end of January I'm like "Get this shit over with!!!" I'm sick of scraping ice, shoveling snow, having my car finally be warm when I reach my destination point and having to dress like I'm heading out for a South Pole expedition when all I'm doing is going out to get the mail. The novelty of risking frostbite walking to the corner store and back starts to wear pretty thin. I just wanna put my headphones on a ride around on my bike. I don't want to deal with 35 mph winds coming in off the great lake from the north making it feel like it's Antartica in the fall, ice patches and snow drifts.
Another reason is that, in this town, unless it's some house I organized or it's over at Brendan's place is that the music is probably gonna be pretty lame. Now, if I lived on the other side of the state, Kalamazoo to be exact, I might be a little more inclined to check my messages and venture out.
I'd could see the Menthols a few times in a couple of months and not be sick of them. Hell, I'd even venture out on this subzero night even if they were playing on the other side of town. Primarily a midwest KBD trip of outcast dorks acting like they're fucking cooler than the "Rolling Stones, Iggy and the Sex Pistols put together" (to simplify it into the mindsets of a lot of Michigan punkers circa late 70's to mid 80's) and somehow, for at least a moment, actually are. "The Miracle Slip" comes off like a Johnny Thunders/Tyvek collaboration with the singer's voice cracking a couple of times, better "Wooo-oooo" back up vocals than either of the above and much fatter basslines. At 4 minutes and 42 seconds "Rats and Insects" is twice as long as it's a-side but still mashing the artsy with the sleeziness. Halo of Flies and Mudhoney hammering away at a Hawkwind song maybe?


dutch fudge said...

we lay down dirt and mudpuddles.

carson said...

I challenged you to a demolition derby final gear death match!