Feb 5, 2008

the MAGNETIX "Something About You" 7inch

Take the wobbly, sorta out of tune and complete lust and angst of the Keggs, put it in the seat of the Oblivians car, send the car to the salvage yard to get compressed in a car crusher then ship it off to France's wine region where a couple of people use it as something to attract hits from lightning strikes and use the electricity to power an amplifier. The Cramps never got this sun blistered cuz so much white light would make them melt. While they're milling around in their leopord skin printed velvet cave waiting for things on the stove to bubble over so they can add them to their potion of eternal wiggly life the Magnetix are wandering around with a jar with bits of Link Wray's brain matter in it and looking 'round for Jeff Evan's Cadillac so they can get a few huffs from it's exhaust pipe.

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