Feb 17, 2008

the LAMPS "Tim Ford" 7inch

When it comes to combining grunt of a whacked out white boy living his sick in the head inner Howlin' Wolf fantasy (Jim "Dandy" Mangrum get's his whiskey and weed switched out for some gasoline and meth perhaps) and adding rocket speed to a Killdozer gruel the Lamps walk way with the mud encrusted and dripping with used motor oil blue ribbons.
Named after the band's bass player (and this record's cover model) the a-side, "Tim Ford", is all grind, stomp and puking like the Brainbombs if they smeared ground beef grease all over their cold black souls. The flip's a cover of Drunks With Guns "Cowboy" and is just as disturbed as the original which is not a task many can pull off.

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