Feb 11, 2008

the GOLDEN BOYS/the LIMES split 7inch

The Golden Boys are on a roll! The 2nd album, "Whiskey Flower", was folksy (as in some kinda Texas down home living room party recording ambience-not that dude down at the coffee house who does "stripped down arrangements of tunes from Dylan's 80's albums" and sings like a billygoat) brilliance that hasn't strayed far from my turntable since it's release last spring.
Their songs here, "Metal Teeth" (I'm going with what is says on the label though the sleeve, that sports a pic of Wes and Matt's beard's intertwining like it's watching a ZZ TOP video on acid, says "Metal Touch". "Metal Teeth" is also the name of a bunch of wild kid rockers in Kalamazoo. "Metal Touch" sounds like the name of an Autograph b-side. That alone is a good reason to lean to the former than the latter. I know they say "Metal Touch" a lyric and all but...), is a bit more hopped up in the sonics department but the superpop good time of the feeling it makes sense. Equal parts amusement park corn syrup buzz, Nick Lowe brightness, Big Star 1st-isms and Donny Demin hindsight all baked under a Texas sun PLUS a guitar solo that trods all through the Keith and Woody flower patch with a bit of sci-fi whirlings dropped in the middle of it.
The Limes are a bit wiggly almost sounding like a new wave band but they only have one keyboard and it doesn't work so well so any odd and bendy sounds gotta be played on guitar. A guitar with strings covered in blood and strings. Whiskey was used to clean it off...Not the most thorough of cleaning products but it makes everything sound stinging and grumbly. The Gun Club had southern dreams and gothic nightmares. Tav Falco one upped 'em by living in Memphis. The Limes make a soundtrack for both their old black and white 8mm films.

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