Feb 3, 2008

GITOGITO HUSTLER "What's My !?" 7inch

I wonder if there's some international treaty where every few years there's gotta be a cute band of Japanese girls playing a slightly askew yet catchy sorta pop, sorta punky, sorta garage rock kinda thing. Or maybe it's some kinda Menudo meets Logan's Run thing where after they've been around for a certain period of time an obsolescence is imposed to allow another to take their place. Whatever the deal is Gitogito Hustler are IT at the moment. Three chords wonders that don't break away from the power-pop "We love the Ramones and listen to a lot of girl groups" book because it doesn't have too. They sound like a bubblegum ad in the back of the glossy color Kaiju fanzines I buy my kids sometimes. All bright colors, fun, giggly and a crazy abandon that Westerners wish they could completely understand and voices that sounds like they're coming from of those Cartoon Network shows that shamelessly bites the Japanese ways of having fun (but only get it right some of the time).

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