Feb 15, 2008

the FRUSTRATIONS "Exploding Mind" 7inch EP

Try to recollect how many bands out there the have managed to detonate a surfwagon with a bunch of effect pedals, jitter-freak fanaticism and something that'll get a few in mixed company yell "AM-REP!"
Hard, isn't it. Then if you even do think of one was the explosion just some anticlimatic thing where it's some drunk guy in his backyard catching toads and stuff an M-80 in their mouth. Okay, maybe you weren't expecting the demolition of a building but some sparks maybe a quarter mile high at the most and a piece of flying stray metal or some shards of glass making people turn away and start heading for the doors. Y'know, something that has an good idea what they are doing but haven't read the safety handbook. The Frustrations cross currents and trip over wires making blinding blue sparks from time to time. Chord progression originated from 60's teen bands get dismembered just to be reattached backwards and upside down by a few kids who link laser surgery has something to do with the feedback from the Velvet's "I Heard Her Call My Name". The jagged scars might make some gasp but it functions very well in it's own disordered way.

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