Feb 28, 2008

the FEELING OF LOVE "Hand Clap Girl" 7inch

Kicking it off "Hand Clap Girl", which sounds a little something like Deja Voodoo with a penchant for keeping the needle always bouncing in the red (and pinning it there for an entire duration of when the sick overdriven monster distorto-fuzz is in effect) and their mental wiring fouled up and tangled more than anyone could ever imagine probably isn't gonna help France's Feeling Of Love refurbish the ghetto that the whole "Blues-Punk" thing has created for itself since a billion dolts decided they it was their job to fill the void the Oblivians created when they decided to call it a day BUT I'm sure I'll be knocking on the door of their shack first when looking for that kinda fix these days. Following that tune up is "I'm Nothing But A Drunk Pussy" which conducts itself like a Pussy Galore track from "Dial M..." but without the scrap metal percussion and some of the ten-fold hate vibes replaced a weird desperation. The flip is a "cover" of a song that the local college radio station used to actually play as part of their public service announcement fulfillment. I never understood how a recorded piece of basketball player Michael Jordan extolling his rules on life and the game that made him a trillionare qualified as a public service announcement nor do I understand most of the French translation here. It's not because I don't have a grasp of the language more than it's rapid fire delivery and being distracted by the twisted arpeggiation of the disco synth bass loop. That's right-A SYNTH! The Feeling Of Love ain't no purists when it comes to the ways they can kick over a trashcan but they sure know how to make a mess that is all their own.

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