Feb 13, 2008

DER TEENAGE PANZER KORPS (der tpk) "Harmful Emotions" LP

Every song on this record is like an extended by a minute or so (only one of the songs hits over a 3 minute mark, most of them scratch the 2 and a half minute mark and the rest clocking in at less than that) head-rush. Everything disoriented and parts blurred or sounding like they were under water. At times it's like Sonic Youth if they really did dig Venom instead of saying they did in an interview once just to be cool but without all the excessive jammy parts. Others it's like the stoner Krautrock doppleganger of Times New Viking is going 'round and pillaging villages. There's a time or two as well where you're thinking this is the sound of the most defiant of rock crooners behind the Berlin Wall circa 1978 (A couple of Suicide and David Bowie tapes were more than passed around). Then there's others where you start to wonder whether their some midnight horseman of many centuries ago who've come back to cryptically warn those who will listen of a future world that'll be worse than "the locusts and the Black Plague combined." Repetition and distortion can cause the most whirling of dervishes. Maybe der tpk are in the process of organizing some upcoming Fire Dances.


Dess Pounder said...

you'll be happy when the socilaists run this country wont you?

carson said...