Feb 19, 2008

1-800-BAND/SNAKES split single 7inch EP

New York City! There ain't no denying where both these bands are aiming their sights from. It's the New York City of older times though.
1-800-BAND have a walking down the street the street on a sunny day after a couple months of grey skies and slush on the sidewalk. A bounce in their step like the character Lou Reed played on Coney Island Baby sans the peroxide, cop shades and a sentiment that was really hard to believe. These songs might very well be odes to a girl or dealer. The Snakes side sounds decade later, where it was maybe even more seedy and degenerate, the sound of water damaged cassettes of No Wave bands no one hardly heard but once ten years before and dressing down cuz Neil Hagerty is playing sans Pussy Galore at an invite only party in some damp basement. Anything Big Apple post 1989 doesn't exist in either of these band's forte' and both sound fine with that.

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