Jan 21, 2008

the WAX MUSEUMS "Traffic Violation" 7inch

Sounding cretinous to a tee the Wax Museums ain't gonna be getting awards given to them for writing the theme song for the Disney Channel's next 'Tween sitcom. Not unless Tween sitcoms are gonna start featuring kids with actual zits and scars and is a complete social retard offscreen and not just playing one, albeit in a wacky and lovable way, on TV. Nope, the Wax Museums sound like straight up vagrants from most rock-n-roll norms but still playing something that sounds like some kind of rock-n-roll. Songs that have one hand in a clogged garbage disposal the other reaching for the plug. BOOM! Someone cuts the power before any gore or electrical death can go on.
What's that? No one cut the power? Someone ran through the room with a baseball bat knocking everyone's lights out? When everyone came to they learned that Black Randy was the one sneaking up behind them and doing the dirty work.

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