Jan 16, 2008

the PRIMATE FIVE vs. the TRADITIONAL FOOLS split single 7inch EP

Monkeys...gorillas...chimps...apes and orangutans...I have two sons. Such things are always of constant interest. You put a primate on a skateboard or on a motorcycle or going to the beach or the mall...Hell! Any time one of them is doing "something human" in a movie it'll be watched around here at least a couple of days in a row. This particular record had been sitting in my desk the past few days. Everytime my 8 year old walks by he eye's up the sleeve so today I handed it to him and ask him what he thought about the cover.
"Hmmm. I'm not too sure if they're all really primates, dad. A couple look like they might just be guys in costumes." He flips the cover to look at the Traditional Fools side "AND LOOK" he exclaims "There's a hippie with a skateboard on the other side. A HIPPIE WITH A SKATEBOARD!!! WHERE HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A HIPPIE RIDING A SKATEBOARD?? I can't say I've ever seen one."
Despite his contentions he did agree to give it a listen. The Primate Five are still up to their Budget Rock Goes Bananas thing and who would have it any other way. Sure puts all those Euro goons trying to ape the Mummies thing back in their place. The kid stops from jumping around like a chimp, picks up the sleeve, examines it closer than he did before and says "Well, maybe they all REALLY ARE gorillas and NOT just some guys in suits."
"These guys sure don't sound like hippies" he says about 30 seconds into the Traditional Fools side "but it sounds like they wipe out on a skateboard a lot but don't care." With a trash can sound that nods to Link Wray, the Mighty Caesers and the aformentioned Mummies it's a pretty spot on summation.

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