Jan 28, 2008

MESA "Child Of Thunder" 7inch

One of things that I dug about early the Fu Manchu records is that not did they sound like they lived inside of a bong but they recorded in one too. As time went on they moved to tonier digs (dual carbs and a second cooling chamber at the least no doubt) a slapped a For Rent sign on front of the old place. Sure, it's got duct tape wrapped around a crack or two to keep it from leaking, it's caked with black goo and smells really musty. If the price is right though someone will inhabit it. It's a place where Motorcycle Metal street fighters and Backwoods Stoner Punks pack the bowl, knock back a few cases of MGD (in cans of course) and rock each others faces off. MESA (as in BOOGIE?) just moved there in from Cali...KALAMAZOO that is... and the smoke is getting thicker! Don't matter if you spill the water-no one's gonna notice the smell.

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