Jan 29, 2008

the GAYE BLADES "A Visit to the Man Who Invented Sexual Intercourse" 7inch

My grandma came from the world where if you can't say nice about someone don't say nothing at all. There was this totally flaming guy that lived next door to my grandparents. I don't know if she was even aware of gays and if she was did she contend with words when talking about him that were pleasant and kind. She'd refer to him as colorful, flamboyant, vivacious and full of life. My grandpa was make a crack like "Yep! He's full of something" but didn't begrudge the guy because, after all he had "the best of flowerbeds in the neighborhood and sure knows how to decorate for the Holidays." Grandma would just wondered why he never married.
This side project of the Black Lips Jared Swilley and former Lids front dude Bobby Ubangi show sympathy for such characters or at least have a delightful conversation about silk bathrobes, table linen and getting Liberace's autograph. The hazy swamp gas jangle of Jared's proper band and the swiping from girl group ideas and rolling them down a hill in a metal trash can with a Rip Offs records playing as "ACTION SCENE MUSIC" of Ubangi's old group from an bond that only a few churches in this country (and even less in their home of the south) will acknowledge.

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