Jan 10, 2008

DUTCHESS and the DUKE "Resevior Park" 7inch

Cuz of the band's name and that it's released by the Boom Boom empire, a label known for it's releases in the trash rock vein, I was thinking it was gonna be some bomp-a-bomp-de-bomp bomp/Hey Bo Diddley kinda thing. Previous Boom Boom records had that thing going on thought updated in a 90's garage punk way but the problem was (with the Fee-Fi-Fo-Fums and the Sultanas at least) that the line between homage and rip off (no pun intended) was on they teetered on. It was stuff worth listening to but it seemed more like a passing fancy than anything else. Y'know a couple of plays and "Well, that was fun. Back to the Mummies and Bobbyteens records". Wasn't expecting anything different but this records has stayed on my turntable for a couple of days now. It's like sunshine west coast summer of love folk pop that was already taking note of dark skies ahead. Bluesy-junkie country 'Beggars Banquet' period Stones thinking of Dylan (both Bob and Thomas) but with just an economy sized thesaurus cuz ya don't need to be all wordy to get a tale of woe to still make it's point. http://www.myspace.com/thedutchessandtheduke

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carlo(ad)s said...

I'm totally fucking loving this record!