Jan 2, 2008

the BLACK and WHITES "You Broke My Heart, Girl" 7inch EP

Y'know, if more of those major label power-pop band's from the 70's records you find in record stores across this once great nation had been produced with the Stones instead of the Beatles sound in mind I'd have at least hundred of them on my shelves instead of 20 or so I do. Pink colored frosting is fine on a cake at a 14 year old girl's birthday party doesn't sound so good when applied on the top of what are suppose to be rock-n-roll records. I don't want them to sound like Stones knock-offs or anything (though some of my most favorite bands ever had at least once in their careers had that pinned on them) but I want some dirt and swagger instead of just coy winks in theBurger King parking lot. Well, it's almost 30 years later and the Black and Whites must've been thinking the same thing! "You Broke My Heart, Girl" is a smoldering chunk of slashy fuzz-blues guitar garage punk melded with Cheap Trick, "Pinball Queen" curses and pays tribute to KISS in '77 when they were the hero of many a zit faced high school dude and "Cigarettes & Control Freaks", the most polite yet pissed off "Get Lost Girl" song in ages, gets me thinking Mott The Hoople and the Ramones at the same time. Unlike all those power-pop band's of yore who's record's I've passed on who knows how many times I have all the Black and Whites records in my stack and enjoy them quite a bit but this one is quickly becoming my most favorite from 'em.
Smashin' Transistors interview with the Black and Whites

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