Dec 13, 2007

the TOUCH ME NOTS "Chris Owen Said It, We Believe It...That Settles It" LP

Though I've had the honor of hanging out with Chris Owen only once, when his band Killer's Kiss came through Michigan a couple of years back, we've exchanged our share of emails and for all I can tell he's a pretty right on dude. That Andrew and Kelly Touch Me Not dedicated their debut album (after a slew a great 7 and 10 inch EP's they past year and a half or so) to him as well name checking him in it's title only confirms this....but it ain't all about Chris Owen aka the "Andy Warhol of Bay Area Rock n Roll", as he is called on the lyric sheet (or flip it over and cut out the paper doll and it's dresses if'n you aren't into reading), here. It's about what's on the record.
The Touch Me Nots are Rock-n-Roll at it's undistilled bases. Backwater rockabilly, dirt road country soul, the punk rock of a 100 VFW hall shows, foppy glamrock, bar brawlin' country, heartland storytelling poets...I know there's been a billion times where that looks good on paper but then you end up with some boring ass stepchild of Rev. Horton Heat or Social Distortion where you can call every step the band is gonna take a couple of minutes before they do it but that's not the case here.
The above sounds have passed through their ears into their brains, been sanded down to it's original grain, torn apart and put back together with only it's essentials but still gleaming with class and flair.
A Tascam 4 track direct to tape recording because duo know they don't need overdubs or 50 takes for anything. All but one of these songs have not been released before and the one that was, "Celebrity Roast", is a new recordings. Kelly swings a beat like Peggy O'Neil if she mastered the bass drum and had a snare that sounded like the snap of a whip while Andrew beats, tugs and pulls warm & reverby totally non-fake ass rockabilly grit-n-twang out of his geetar. He sings like Eddie Cochran and the Fabulous Andy G hanging out and listening to Del Shannon & Tommy James records (Andrew can sing a line "Tell all the motherfuckers to kiss my ass goodbye" and make it sound like it would not sound out of place on a Phil Spector production) and Kelly screams and coos right behind him. This record is complete fun from start to finish but more importantly the Touch Me Nots couple sound like they genuinely enjoy each other company and would be making this kind of music whether anybody is listening or not. You should be listening though!!!

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