Dec 7, 2007

JACUZZI BOYS "Ghost Ghost" 7inch

With as many jokes that have been made about Florida in general through the years one has got to wonder whether a band like the Jacuzzi Boys were a secret experiment grown in a lab and now set loose on the unsuspecting citizens of the Sunshine State to scrub their ears and clean their blood from the poison's that Limp Bizkit and Lou Pearlman toxified them with.
Three tracks of acid damaged, off balanced and fried speaker folksy punk jangle that at times sounds like the Black Lips "We Did Not Know the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers Grow" era paying tribute to the Replacements "Hootenany" album in some moments and at others the Velvet Underground joining Van Morrison and Them on a stage inside an echo chamber-all of them under the influence of oxycotin and the Country Teasers first album.

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