Dec 16, 2007

the GREAT REUNION "King Automatic...The Feeling Of Love" 7inch

Back in my record store employee days there was this old guy that would come into the shop and ask if we had a copy of the Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington album "the Great Reunion" in stock. We never did but I would tell him that we could special order it for him. "Maybe I'll stop in next week and do that but I'm in a bit of a hurry now." Then a few weeks later he would stop in, ask for it again and tell him the same thing. Finally I said the hell with and ordered the damn thing and put it out to stock figuring well, even if he is in a hurry he'll still spare the five minutes tops it would to fill out the special order card, there it would be and he could stop asking. One day he comes rolling in and I was waiting for him.
"As a matter of fact. We DO have it" walked him over to the bin and put it in his hand.
"Well, I'm a little tight on money this week but I'll be in next week to pick up." Weeks would go by before I'd see him again and everytime I did he'd say the same thing. He eventually earned the nickname (because all customers with odd quirks or particular tastes in music always got a nickname evenutally. Ask me about Thermal Man, Closed Head Injury, Canadian Maiden, Power Metal Steve, Captain Cut Out, Prince Bootleg, New Wave Cassette Jerald, Parrothead Dead and so many more the next time ya see me) "Tight Cash Week Jazzbo." None of us ever saw him by anything so we didn't even know if he was actually a jazzbo or not but based on his concern of this one particular album being in stock it was as good of a name as any.
It's safe to say that no one would confuse this great reunion as a jazzbo summit. King Automatic and the Feeling Of Love are two very noisy and trash rock one man bands outta France joining forces to see how much ear damage they can cause between the two of them. "Here I Come" has a the Crypt Style JSBX spazzy blooze punk rock-n-roll cave thump thing going on that get's set loose in the middle of an airport to kick and flail while jet engines warm up around it. "With My Ten Fingers" starts out a waaay more sparse than the a-side and works all the better for it. A choppy riff making uses out of the empty spaces between the chords (Heh...Here's a place where I can drop a jazzbo reference by mentioning the Miles Davis line about "Music is the space between notes") all high endy-n-echo'd, a pitter patter drumbeat that feels all hypnotic and funky in it's simplicity then building up into both guitars spewing up from under ground forming together and making a deadly swamp gas. The only way they want to treat is with electricity and gasoline...It's a deadly combination.

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